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2022 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship RD3


Round 3 Duns Excitement was high for the big trip north and those who travelled were rewarded with a cracker. Close racing across all classes on a real top-class track that rewarded many and punished a few. Open class were the first to take to the track so let’s see what went down. Open Class Qualifying This session was an interesting one as everyone looked to see if the big power pros could get their power down, or if the small power cars could benefit from the track changes. The answer wasn’t really a surprise as Mark McCann put his pro firmly on the top spot with a blinding lap time that nobody could touch. Next in was Shaun Jenkinson ahead of the other championship contenders Sean Haran and Paul Severn. The lap times did tell a story as the gap was unusually big as some adjusted quicker than others to the new reversed track. Next in was the battle of the fastest rookies led by Tom Welbourn on the same second as the expert in fourth spot. Jess Barker pushed hard to keep up but fell just [...]

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2022 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship RD2


Cusses Gorse After an amazing start to the season, round two was upon us and it had lots to live up to - it didn’t disappoint. A world level venue paired with another strong attendance set up a great weekend racing in all classes. Here is what happened. Open Class Qualifying This session took up exactly where the last round left off and it was tight at the top. Mark McCann took pole but Paul Severn in second place was just five tenths behind. Shaun Haran secured third place with another of the experts Adrian / Callum Loveridge in fourth. Fifth place was the first of the rookie’s home as Jess Barker beat her Godfather Louis McGuffog for the rookie top spot. David Watsons consistency again proved important placing him seventh on the grid. Wayne Harris had a good session moving up the pack to eighth beating good friend Nick barker in ninth no doubt fuelling some humour in the pit area. Tenth place belonged to Rio Longdon which marked the front car of five all on the same second, again proving there is competition all over the [...]

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2022 Polaris British SXS Championship Youth RD1


Every year there is excitement around the Youth Class and this year was no different. Lots of movement in and out of the class meant nobody could be sure of who would come out on top. The track prep went well and the entries where in. Its time to go racing. Qualifying The early speed was with Fred Tarrant as he threw down a lap time that nobody could match. It seems right that Fred would be front of the pack, but could he stay consistent enough to win the day. Next up in second place was the first of the McGuffog brothers with Harley setting a solid time to beat Jack barker into third. Next in grabbing fourth place was Jude Scotney who certainly seems to have grown in confidence in the winter which is great to see. Newcomer Ella Hales crossed the line in fifth spot keeping the Hales name strong in the Youth Class no doubt with some advice and support from Champion brother George. Sophie Bird stepped up to sixth with Lenny McGuffog just one second behind in seventh. Newcomers Olly Hedges and Blake [...]

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2022 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship RD1


Sunshine & Snow Last weekend marked the start of the 2022 race season and what a start it was. Neuadd farm MX was the venue and as a long-term driver favourite track the event was setting up nicely. The weather in the build-up was unpredictable to say the least and the track team seen all four seasons in one day on more than one occasion. Severe frost and snow on the Friday did see some concern but the sunshine soon dealt with that. The track was ready the entries were strong, and it was time to go racing. Open Class Qualifying The Open class is growing nicely, and the addition of some new faces has mixed things up nicely. Current Champion Mark McCann started strong using his experience of the machine to take pole position in the first session of the year. Second spot went to Sean Haran in the first outing of his Polaris Pro Xp. The gap between first and second was set at only five tenths of a second so we looked set for a great battle at the front. Paul Severn was the next [...]

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2021 Polaris British SXS Championship RD5


Heroes Of Hartlepool Last weekend seen the Polaris British Championship Head North for round five of the 2021 season. This event is always a huge favourite with the paddock due to the sheer volume of real estate available to the track team and this year was no different. Craig and the CG Robinsons team secured a site with 85 acres of prime farmland with lots of natural fold and slopes to make for a challenging track and that exactly what they got.  Lots of fast flowing corners plenty of challenging off camber and one the fastest straights of the year by far. A shortened but just as challenging lap for the Youths and we were good to go. It was race time! Youth Race 1 This year the Youth class has been more competitive than ever and this session was no different. The Championship contenders locked horns immediately with George Hales, Jess Barker and Rhiana Harris all breaking for the front. Jess lead early but then ran wide on a corner allowing Rhiana a gap just big enough to fine her Polaris Ace. Unfortunately, the pass was clean [...]

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2021 Polaris British SXS Championship RD4


Northern Ireland Round four of the Championship seen SXS travel across the water for the first event to be held in Northern Ireland. This now completes the four nations and makes the Championship truly British.  A late venue switch made the build up week a challenge but the determination of the team and our hosts the Buller family meant it was always going to be the best event it could ever be. The prep was done, all the big names were travelling so it was race time! Open Class Qualifying This session seemed to go exactly to plan for Championship leader Mark McCann. A strong lap late in the session seen him take pole and put him on the front of the grid for race one. Rookie Martin Hales took advantage of some bad luck for other experts to take second spot followed in by Adrian and Callum Loveridge. A tasty front row for sure. Wayne Harris returned from injury and appeared to be getting the hang of his RS1 taking fourth spot setting a time on par with expert Loveridge. Louis McGuffog was next home setting the [...]

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2021 Polaris British SXS Youth Championship RD1


Class of 2021 At last it was finally time to welcome the UKs fastest youngsters to track as the Polaris British Youth Championship arrived at Bromyard Motopark.  Lots of the new faces and a fiercely competitive field as some of the previous champions moved up to ply their trade in the senior classes.  This session would be particularly interesting as it would be the first look at who had made the most progress in the absence of racing.  Track prep was done and it was time to go racing. Qualifying Thankfully this session started slowly with all the youngsters taking their time to get a feel for the venue and master some of the bigger jumps. That said Fred Tarrant and Jack Barker started to post some strong times just three laps in. George Hales and Jessica Barker responded and five laps into the session they had a firm grasp of first and second spots. Fred Tarrant made progress but was unable to break into the top two and settled for third spot. Jack Barker pushed on but was unable to better his lap seven time that [...]

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2021 Polaris British SXS Championship RD1


Graduation Day After what was a massively difficult year for everyone it was finally time to go racing again and we couldn’t have a got a better weekend for it. The track prep went exactly to plan, and the weather was fantastic. Add to that a near record turnout and it was go for race day. This year there were lots of new faces across all the classes but many of the paddocks were focused on the young guns moving up from the Youth Class. Could they cut it against the big guns of UK SXS? There was only one-way to find out. Its race time! Open Class Qualifying As many thought would be the case, the experience shown through this session as the top three experts used the space and their driver experience to negate any traffic issues. Mark McCann took the top spot even after having a few laps hampered by back markers. Shaun Jenkinson proved that the naturally aspirated RS1 still has a seat at the open class table, taking the second spot with a difference of just over a second to top man McCann. [...]

2021 Polaris British SXS Championship RD12021-05-05T16:58:22+01:00

Enduring Pays Off – BYC Rd1 & BEC RD1


Last weekend saw the start of the Polaris British Enduro Championship at a sunny Champs Park in Kettering. Delays had seen the start of the Championship postponed due to bad weather but this time the sun was on our side. The track prep went well and the venue benefited from a good downpour of rain after the completion of Youth racing on the Saturday. A good turnout made for some well-balanced groups and racing was a GO! Youth Racing RD1 Saturday saw the youngsters take to the track and some new faces around the paddock. The absence of the PAR Boys Alfie and Sam Davies meant that Lewis Scotney seemed a hot favourite to take an early lead in the Championship. The unknowns of Rio Longdon and Fred Tarrant both practice partners of Lewis, meant we certainly had a race on our hands. Trialling the Ace 570 at this event was Ronnie Payne, a great addition to the Championship should his coming birthday go the way we all hope. Also, a driving assessment for Jude Scotney sees the younger Scotney Brother take to the track. Qualifying Lewis [...]

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