Graduation Day

After what was a massively difficult year for everyone it was finally time to go racing again and we couldn’t have a got a better weekend for it. The track prep went exactly to plan, and the weather was fantastic. Add to that a near record turnout and it was go for race day. This year there were lots of new faces across all the classes but many of the paddocks were focused on the young guns moving up from the Youth Class. Could they cut it against the big guns of UK SXS? There was only one-way to find out. Its race time!

Open Class


As many thought would be the case, the experience shown through this session as the top three experts used the space and their driver experience to negate any traffic issues. Mark McCann took the top spot even after having a few laps hampered by back markers. Shaun Jenkinson proved that the naturally aspirated RS1 still has a seat at the open class table, taking the second spot with a difference of just over a second to top man McCann. Third spot belonged to Paul Severn with many feeling he possibly had a bit more in the tank. Next up was young gun Lewis Scotney taking first place in the rookies with a promising two-second gap to his nearest class opponent. Newcomer Louis McGuffog took fourth spot in his first ever SXS Session followed by the next of the young guns Alfie Davies on the same second. Already it was clear there would be battles up and down this grid when the flag was finally raised.

Miles Radburn was next home in seventh spot holding off another newcomer Martin Hales in eighth spot. Martin looked to be one to watch and he would certainly have Miles looking over his shoulder for race one. Nick Barker marked the last of the drivers on 1:43 lap times for ninth place followed in by four cars on the same second showing just how competitive the Open Class is. First on the four was Wayne Harris followed in by Dakar Hero Graham Knight and Co Driver David Watson. Joe Robinson after a spell away from racing grew into twelfth spot followed in by the next of the young guns Joe Chilvers in thirteenth. Adrian / Callum Loveridge stuck firmly in 2wd came home in fourteenth spot followed in by Robert Gledhill closing off the back of the grid.

Race 1

Race one was exactly what racing should be with position changes right through the field. The one exception being your pole sitter and race winner Mark McCann who led from the front and never looked back. Paul Severn gained second spot with a consistent push but was unable to pressure the race leader. Martin Hales was the dark horse of race one taking third spot and the first rookie over the line. Lewis Scotney followed shortly after in fourth chased in by Graham Knight marking the end of some great racing for the three rookies throughout the race. Shaun Jenkinson tumbled back to sixth spot but showed the pace was there by setting the fastest lap of the session.

The next sprint to the line was between rookies and friends Louis McGuffog and Nick Barker, Louis got the better of the pairing this time round taking seventh spot but that battle looks like it could rage all year. Ninth place belonged to youngster Alfie Davies, sandwiching Wayne Harris in tenth as the next of the youngster Joe Chilvers crossed the line taking eleventh place.  Adrian/Callum Loveridge spent most of the day sideways as they battled on without 4wd doing just enough to hold off Miles Radburn in thirteenth spot. Joe Robinson and Robert Gledhill closed off the back of the grid in what was a great race to watch, so well done everyone involved.

Race 2

Race two really was more of the same and it showed that there really is a race for everyone in this class. Again the exception to this was race winner Mark McCann again breaking clean and timing his joker lane well to take the race two win. Shaun Jenkinson was back at the races and pushed through the filed to bag himself second spot back to his start spot of race one. Graham Knight and David Watson got the better of a fantastic battle with Martin Hales taking third and fourth sport respectively. Paul Severn slid down the field slightly but got some great racing on every lap of the race, which was great entertainment for everyone watching.

Nick Barker was next up making solid progress in the session chased down by Alfie Davies in seventh place. Louis McGuffog lost the battle with friend and rival Nick Barker and settled for eighth place. This was made sweeter by the fact he beat the third man of the trio Wayne Harris who had to settle for ninth. Miles Radburn was next home in tenth spot with the improving Joe Robinson just one second behind. Joe definitely thought about a dive at the line but thankful withheld the urge as that really could have ended in tears. Adrian / Callum Loveridge battled on take twelfth with Rob Gledhill the last of the race two finishers. Young Guns Lewis Scotney and Joe Chilvers both suffered mechanically issues which seen them unable to cross the line.

Race 3

Race three was a less intense affair as many looked to consolidate on the day’s results rather than risk total loss. That said there were still some wheel-to-wheel moments up and down the grid. Mark McCann looked for the clean sweep and although challenged hard at times buy Shaun Jenkinson that’s exactly what he got. Three solid race wins to start the season for the flying McCann.  Shaun Jenison’s second place keeps in nicely in touch with the front-runner after one event a solid performance from Shaun. Graham Knight / David Watson took the top spot for the rookies as they crossed the line third overall.  A great days racing as they battled race after race with the fourth place man Martin Hales.

Paul Severn consolidated with a fifth-place finish, leaving him a bit to find to get back to the front where he belongs. Nick Barker again got the better of the youngster Alfie Davies in sixth and seventh spot. Lewis Scotney pushed hard through the field to reduce the damage of his race two DNF, gaining every point he could as he looked at the long picture of a seven-round championship. Ninth spot belonged to Miles Radburn holding off the still very sideways Adrian/ Callum Loveridge. Joe Robinson and Wayne Harris marked the last of the finishers in eleventh and twelfth place ending what was a great days racing in the open class. Well done to everyone involved.


Polaris British SXS Overall Open Class

1st – Mark McCann (64) Polaris Pro XP

2nd – Shaun Jenkinson (70) Polaris RS1

3rd – Graham Knight / David Watson (120) Polaris Pro XP


Fastest lap Bonus Point – Mark McCann

Clerks Driver Of The Day –  Mark McCann


Open Class Rookies

1st – Graham Knight / David Watson (120) Polaris Pro XP

2nd – Martin Hales (119) Polaris Pro XP

3rd – Nick Barker (40) Polaris RZR 1000XP


Fastest lap Bonus Point – Martin Hales

Clerks Driver Of the Day – Martin Hales

1000 Rookies

Now this really was the class that many people had their eyes on this time round. Its seems now to have the perfect mix of youth and experience and this year there are five graduates of the youth class going head to head as seniors. This first session would answer many of the questions that had been asked over the winter as to who was the man to watch. Lets find out!


This session was always going to be a challenge for everyone involved, the huge field meant that drivers would have to use every trick in the book to get a good run at a fast lap. Lady luck would also no doubt have her say in what was shaping up to be cracker. Lewis Scotney was the man who pieced it all together and bagged the first grid spot on his seventh lap, chased down by second spot Ricky Flint. Next in was another of the young drivers first year rookie Mack Preistwood, third in his first senior track session will do just nicely but many thought there was more to come.

Fourth spot was taken by Team Anglia’s senior driver Mark Scotney unable to keep with the flying youth but able to hold off Declan Whitmore in fifth spot. Looked like the youngsters would have the better of this session. Anthony Green was next home taking sixth spot ahead of Rio Longdon another of the youth graduates. Its always great to see newcomers going well and Welshman Jonathan Xuerreb was a great example of this taking his near stock RS1 to eighth place. Joe Chilvers followed soon after in the Welbourn backed RZR 1000 beating another newcomer Jordan Pritchard to ninth place. Henry Proctor pipped Paul Monteith to eleventh spot by the smallest of margins with Simon Medleycott thirteenth but crossing the line within tenths of the two cars in front. It really doesn’t get much more competitive than this. Next up were the 1:48s led in by Jason Medleycott in fourteenth followed in closely by friends and rival Carl Day and Darren Longdon in fifteenth and sixteenth. Alan / Joe Curnick followed by Bradley Price, Sam Lloyd and Tim Prior closed off what was a hugely competitive session for the rookies.

Race 1

This one was a bit of a riot with fierce racing all over the track just the way we like it. Mack Priest wood came from to take the race win with Lewis scotney crossing the line four tenths behind in second place. What a race and it seen two of the youth graduates at the front of the field. Next in was third place Mark Scotney running a solid race chasing the front two whilst holding off Declan Whitmore in fourth. Rio Longdon bagged fifth spot making four of the top five under eighteens and three graduates of the Youth series, which is great to see.  Anthony Green took sixth spot ahead of another under eighteen Henry Proctor doing a great job to hold seventh. Newcomers Johnathan Xuereb and Simon Medleycott crossed the line in eighth and ninth holding of f the more experienced Paul Monteith in tenth spot.  The screaming eagle RS1 of Brad Price showed solid progress moving through the field to finish eleventh place ahead of class veteran Carl Day and battle buddy Darren Longdon. Tim Prior jumped up to fourteenth spot with Jordan Pritchard, Jason Medleycott and Alan Curnick the last of the finishers.

What a fantastic race and another example of there being a race for everyone up and down the grid. Well done to all the drivers.

Race 2

Race two seen mixed fortunes for many drivers and again some fierce racing across the grid. Mack Preistwood broke clean and never looked back leading the race from start to finish to take his second win of the day. Lewis scotney chased hard but just could catch Mack. There fastest laps times are separated by less than a tenth of a second showing this will be a year long battle. Mark Scotney closed off the podium spots in this session taking third behind son Lewis. Ricky Flint charged from the rear of the field to take fourth spot, which was almost third had a trip to the Clerk not seen him give back a position gained off track. Jordan Pritchard was the first newcomer home followed in by Anthony Green and Rio Longdon closing off the top seven places.

Declan Whitmore was the eighth car home in a solid drive to hold off the pushing newcomer Johnathan Xuerebin ninth. Carl Day made some progress through the field to tenth with Simon Medleycott leading a train of three cars over the line including Henry Proctor and Bradley Price. Jason Medleycott, Alan Curnick and Tim Prior marked the last of the finishers in another great session for the 1000 Rookies.

Race 3

This race produced the drive of the day and highlighted again how good this class is going to be to watch all year. Mack Preistwood had a nightmare start when his machine wasn’t properly in gear when the flag was raised. Everyone was gone and he was sat there in near last place. That lit a fire and there was an air of win or bin it in his race from that point on. He ploughed through the field and by the last lap only had a couple of places to take the race win, some daring outside passes and some straight balls out racing seen Mack take the race win.

Ricky Flint again shifted up the field taking second spot in what was a crazy few last laps that seen Ricky sandwiched between the two fiery youngsters.

Lots of attention went to Macks last lap in race three but no dance is the same without your dance partner and this time Lewis Scotney had to settle for the second step on the podium. This battle has a long way to go and I’m sure this pair will stir up some of the best racing this series has ever seen. I personally can’t wait.

Meanwhile the rest of the field were still locked in battle Jordan Pritchard took advantage of the absence Mark Scotney to take fourth spot ahead of another of the youth graduates Rio Longdon. Anthony Green continued his solid days work holding sixth place ahead of the more experienced Carl Day in seventh. Young Henry Proctor finished his day with a strong eighth place with definite space to grow for the Proctor cars youngster.

Next in ninth place was Jonathan Xuereb followed home by Simon Medleycott ending a great day for the two series newcomers.  Declan Whitmore slipped a little down to eleventh ending a great weekend considering he had faced some mechanical problems. Perseverance is key in this game and it’s a long championship for sure. Paul Monteith crossed the line in twelfth place ahead of screaming eagle Brad Price another great day for a first race newbie. Tim Prior grew into fourteenth place with Alan / Joe Curnick fifteenth followed home by Darren Longdon and Sam Lloyd closing off the back of the field.


Polaris British SXS 1000 Rookie Class

1st – Mack Preistwood (73) Polaris RS1

2nd  – Lewis Scotney (11) Polaris RS1

3rd – Ricky Flint (87) Polaris RS1


Fastest lap Bonus Point – Mack Preistwood

Clerks Driver Of The Day – Mack Preistwood


1000 Experts

Traditionally this has always been the class were the best lock horns and this year looks set to be no different. Welcome to the big league to the drivers stepping up this year from the rookie class.  Cameron MacDonald, William Buller and Chris Place all make the step to the 1000 Experts for 2021.Good luck Guys.


As everyone predicted this lot basically started where they left off but the gap at the front seemed abnormally large. Mark McCann took what looked like a comfortable pole by best part of two seconds, a huge gap for a class as competitive as this one. Tom Fletcher took second spot but wasn’t quite happy with the performance of his machine as it blew out the cobwebs. Third belonged to Robert Lloyd followed home by the two Yamahas of William Buller and Chris Place split by only five-tenths in fourth and fifth. What a battle that would be all day.

Next up was Welshman Keiron Weaver in sixth spot with returning driver Sean Haran warming into seventh after a long absence from the sport. Welcome back Sean. Closing off the grid was Cameron MacDonald giving a great account of himself in his first ever Expert Class session. The grid was set and race one was go!

Race 1

Flag up and Mark McCann was off leading every lap of the race to take a comfortable race win. The race was really for second spot, a race that Robert Lloyd was having the better of until a big off took him out of contention. A trip to the medics for some minor medical attention for Robert, and some serious TLC for his machine.

Tom Fletcher still not happy with his machines overall performance took second spot followed in by the returning Sean Haran in third. Chris Place won the battle of the newcomers to the class taking fourth spot ahead of Keiron Weaver in fifth. William Buller seemed to drop off slightly from qualifying only being able to take sixth place ahead of the final finisher and youngster of the class Cameron MacDonald.

A solid race to start the day, but many had some more to give. The day was but young.

Race 2

This one wasn’t quite so straight forward for Mark McCann as he lost the race lead in the earlier corners to Tom Fletcher. He soon rectified this and went on to win the race with a well-timed Joker lane and a little bit in hand. Tom Fletcher held onto second spot with Robert Lloyd sitting this one out after his adventures in the last race. Sean Haran was able to take full advantage of Roberts’s absence and took third place, a great day so far for the returning driver. Chris Place won the battle of the Yamahas taking fourth spot ahead of William Buller in fifth. Keiron Weaver and Cameron MacDonald marked the last of the finishers in what was a solid race.

Race 3

Race three saw Mark McCann step up to take the perfect day. Tom Fletcher had something to say about that and threw a spanner in the works finding some solid pace and taking the race win. Marks second was enough to take the overall and the fastest lap gives him a bonus point that may be critical at some point down the road.

Third spot was taken by the charging William buller who came alive for race three beating rival Chris place by just over a second after some great clean racing. Sean Haran settled for a solid fifth with Cameron MacDonald finding some form to beat Keiron Weaver for sixth and seventh spots.

What a great days racing for everyone! This was also the first event that seen the Arrive and Drive Rs1s out on track. Well done to Stu, Pee and Corbyn for a great days racing. We hope you enjoyed your day and look forward to seeing you again some time soon.


Polaris British SXS 1000 Expert Class

1st – Mark McCann (64) Polaris RZR 1000XP

2nd – Tom Fletcher (59) Polaris RZR 1000XP

3rd – Sean Haran (51) Polaris RZR 1000XP


Fastest lap Bonus Point – Mark McCann

Clerks Driver Of The Day – Sean Haran


Thank You

As with every event it just could happen without the people behind the scenes. Massive thank you to our title Sponsors Polaris UK, all of our individual class sponsors who play a huge part in everything we do. Thank you to the track staff, from build, all the way through to event marshalling and everyone else behind the scenes on race day.

A special thank you to Charlie Welbourn who has always goes the extra mile to help make these events a success. He really is one of a kind, Cheers Charlie.