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UK’s premier racing championship for SXS

Building on the success of the Polaris British Short Circuit Championship, The Polaris British Enduro Championship was established in 2016. It was created to meet the demand for a different kind of racing. Run over five rounds with tracks all over the country, the Enduro Championship has already been a huge success and plans are in place to expand in 2017.
Each round consists of a two-hour race with vehicles being released at staggered intervals. Although all vehicles will be on the track at the same time your real opponent is the clock! This is a marathon not a sprint. Controlled and precise driving is rewarded. Pushing yourself and your vehicle to the limit for two hours. This is the ultimate test of man and machine.
Like the Short Circuit Championship all three classes of Polaris RZR run. Other manufacturers are also welcome to compete. All competing manufacturers must comply with both the MC Federations and SXS Racing’s rules and regulations.




 2016 BEC – Turbo – FINAL

No.NamePointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
165Jason Rowlands1696037362610
7Paul Severn2875265656045
60Paul Rowlands188416603249
45Joshua Barrett2614025587563
74Charlie Welbourn / Aaron Summers942714221318
12Jamie Thwaites1616----
44Harry MacDonald129153329052
5Lee Small1414----
69Jedd Wiegold / Thomas Morgan21138---
65Jason Payne1212----
245Jordan Edmunds / Benji Turney43835---
22Mark Rushton / Carolyne Rushton6402102923
9Miles Radburn60-162321-
33Mick Edwards14-14---
485Nicola Adcock44---2222

2016 BEC – 1000cc – FINAL

PosNamePointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Label 9
1=31Sam Lloyd75----75
1=45Hayden Ross75-075--
1=1Ryan Parry / Carly Steed75075---
469Jedd Wiegold / Thomas Morgan60060---
555Andy Bennett00----

2016 BEC – 900cc – FINAL

No.NamePointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
23Andy Dare1477533390-
88Jason Bird / Paul Blackford90603000-
95Andrew Langdell11748-48-21
31Paul Melia783939---
37Daniel Hazell33330---
187Josh Hope / Lloyd Hackett171307533330
14Scott Caunce / Richard Burke6027---33
24James Blakey752424027-
68Matthew Crocker / Gary Tarrant00-0--
607Dave Riley39000039
32Matthew Howard00----
73Daniel Smith000---
33Bailey Edwards00-0--
67Mark McPhee1080--4860
52Alan Curnick / Joe Curnick000000
444Jack Smith / Courtney Morris27027---
65Jason Payne / Bradley Wright000---
333Mick Edwards225-60756030
68Gary Tarrant63-48-015
94Keiron Weaver / Luke Orphan48-210027
341Anthony Griffiths0-0---
100Terry Griffiths / Ben Cook0-0---
484Phil Jones210-0607575
11Nico Cook / Matthew Bale0-0---
177Gary Gravell39---39-
27Cameron MacDonald30---30-
485Nicola Adcock24---024
216Nick Payne60----48


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