Enduring Pays Off – BYC Rd1 & BEC RD1

2018-05-15T16:55:28+01:00May 15th, 2018|All News, Race Reports, SXS News|

Last weekend saw the start of the Polaris British Enduro Championship at a sunny Champs Park in Kettering. Delays had seen the start of the Championship postponed due to bad weather but this time the sun was on our side. The track prep went well and the venue benefited from a good downpour of rain after the completion of Youth racing on the Saturday. A good turnout made for some well-balanced groups and racing was a GO! Youth Racing RD1 Saturday saw the youngsters take to the track and some new faces around the paddock. The absence of the PAR Boys Alfie and Sam Davies meant that Lewis Scotney seemed a hot favourite to take an early lead in the Championship. The unknowns of Rio Longdon and Fred Tarrant both practice partners of Lewis, meant we certainly had a race on our hands. Trialling the Ace 570 at this event was Ronnie Payne, a great addition to the Championship should his coming birthday go the way we all hope. Also, a driving assessment for Jude Scotney sees the younger Scotney Brother take to the track. Qualifying Lewis [...]