BEC Round 2 – Down & Dusty

2017-04-28T10:41:09+00:00 April 28th, 2017|Race Reports|

The weekend of the 23rd of May seen the SXS Racing British Championship arrive at Ivanhoe Aston, a hilltop near Luton. A new venue to SXS bringing all the challenges that a new venue brings: parking, layout and a scratch build track to name but a few. The track team were on site from Wednesday morning and after a few minor problems of their own the build started on schedule. Initially getting the layout right was a real challenge with safety distances to consider as well as track length and lap time. Multiple changes were made to try and get the best from the land, with the lap planned and ready for marking in good time. Marking the route was a real test as there were very few natural features to help direct traffic so a record number of posts and arrows were used to ensure no disasters on race day. The clearing of the woods to allow buggies to pass was a bold call, which consumed a whole day but defiantly added some character to a fast flowing lap.  Marking finished, it was all about flags and [...]

Polaris British Enduro Championship Rd1- Carnage in Kettering

2017-03-23T15:32:44+00:00 March 23rd, 2017|All News, Race Reports|

After a false start to the 2017 season event 1 couldn’t come quick enough for everyone involved. The Track Team had itchy feet and I know the drivers where the same. The Track Team were on the ground early Monday morning looking to get things off to a great start with a solid but spectator friendly track, easier said than done with a sport like ours. The track layout was done at record pace and the build process was well underway by early Tuesday morning.  A long week of early starts and late finishes seen the track nearing completion by Thursday PM. Bad weather predicted for Friday pushed the team late into Thursday night to try and avoid working on a waterlogged surface. Gladly the rain never came. Brand new for 2017 is the arrival of sponsor boards, banners and flags to add colour and a more professional finish to tracks. Although strong winds stopped us getting them all out, lots were on display and they made a huge difference to the track visually. Huge thank you to all our 2017 sponsors for all their support in making [...]