Mack Attack – BYC Round 4

2019-06-12T12:44:57+01:00June 12th, 2019|All News|

Who would have thought three years ago that this class would be the tightest of 2019. A labour of love for everyone involved, this class has really come alive and thanks to the support of our sponsors Anglia UK and the commitment of the SXS Team here we are. Well done everyone. Qualifying After a challenging entry to the sport for Mack Priestwood at this venue last year, Lewis Scotney was probably the favourite going into this round, that said nobody knew what was going to happen as the 570s took to the track for Qualifying. Lewis Scotney the current Champion took pole and the gap at the front seemed solid, Mack Priestwood his main rival grabbed second spot which in reality is only 2 metres on the start line. The return of the Joe Chilvers in third was certainly going to keep everyone honest and even the smallest error was be punished for sure. Jacob Tomblin had probably his best session of the year up in fourth followed home by Rio Longdon in fifth. Alfie Davies was a little out of form back in sixth but racing [...]

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Championship Racing heats up at PAR Raceway

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The weekend saw the sun shine on the second round of the British SXS Short Course Championship, held at PAR Raceway close to Llandrindod Wells in Wales. First up on the Saturday was the Youth races along with the adult qualifying and the all new dash for cash Hot Lap session. British Youth Championship Round 3 Having qualified fastest and gained pole it was Lewis Scotney that got away at the front of the youth pack for Moto 1 with Mack Priestley hot on his heals, Priestley made his move on lap 4 putting his Polaris ace out front and went on to take the win. Scotney secured second whilst Rio Longdon moved ahead of Alfie Davies on lap two and was running third, Davies didn’t give up the chase and retook third with two laps to go. Starting from pole in race two it was Priestwood that took and start to finish victory. Scotney was battling with Longdon for second and it was Scotney that secured the place on the last lap. Moto three once again saw Priestwood make the most of the pole position and this [...]

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Battles in Bromyard

2019-04-26T16:03:13+01:00April 26th, 2019|All News|

Last weekend saw the launch of the 2019 Short Circuit season as well as round two of the Youth series arrive at Bromyard MX. A narrow challenging track which had held a lot of water after some winter MX meetings. The track team could probably have done with another day to get things just right but we got somewhere close and racing was go. British Youth Championship Round 2 Qualifying These sessions get more interesting at every round as we watch the youngsters progress with every lap. Mack Priestwood was fastest out the blocks setting a solid pole lap with his biggest rival Lewis Scotney down in fifth after mechanical problems. Joe Chilvers in only his second outing again showed potential to mix the pack grabbing second spot on the grid for race one. Consistency again seemed Rio Longdon’s strongest weapon posting the third fastest time of the session followed in by Fred Tarrant in fourth. Jacob Tomblin and Jude Scotney were split by only tenths in sixth and seventh with the ever improving Ruby Priestwood closing off the pack. Race 1 Race one was always going to [...]

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Speedsters Bag their Bonus Points

2019-04-05T15:41:57+01:00April 5th, 2019|All News|

Last weekend saw the season opener for the 2019 season and it didn’t fail to deliver. Good weather and a relatively hitch free build made for a great weekends racing. Battles in every class and lots of new faces to welcome to the sport meant seen a record equalling attendance. What a fantastic start to the year. Let’s get on with the good bit, The Racing! Youth 570 Class Qualifying This event was the first occasion when the kids got to join the fun with them now featuring on the Saturday of several of the senior rounds. This opportunity to shine was grabbed with both hands as the kids took to the track for Qualifying. Early on it became clear that this year Lewis Scotney was not going to have it all his own way, as the fastest lap changed hands several time in the earlier practise session. However, he kept his cool and showed why he is the current Champion, putting the Anglia UK machine on Pole for race 1. Joe Chilvers in the Welbourn’s machine was the surprise of the session beating several more experienced drivers [...]

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The Kings Are Crowned

2018-10-18T15:24:08+01:00October 18th, 2018|All News|

The final weekend of the SXS Season saw us arrive at the familiar Champs Park. Some bold layout changes made for some good spectating which was always the long-term aim. Most classes were going right to the wire and there would no doubt be joy and tears for some of the drivers. The stage was set, the tables were tight and by the end of the day The Kings Are Crowned. Let’s settle this! 1000 Rookies Qualifying This class was going right to the wire and the first session of the day was going to be critical to everyone involved, there was definitely some tension on the line. Chris McPhee struck the first blow of the day grabbing pole from Championship rival Scott Fisher in second spot. Keiron Weaver the other contender in this class took the third spot, setting up a great race one. Mark McPhee was next home setting his fastest time in his first timed lap. Richard Burke and Scott Caunce grabbed fifth spot not able to break into the top group but on the same second as Mark in front. Matt Hall and Paul [...]

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Things Heat Up – BSCC RD5

2018-09-19T15:17:58+01:00September 19th, 2018|All News|

This weekend saw the arrival of the SXS Championship to Neuadd Farm, a massive favourite with all the drivers. Big air and power hill climbs all over the track promised to deliver good racing and the arrival of the RS1 added some extra spice. The youth racing on Saturday cleaned the surface up nicely but then right on cue the rain came. The poor weather was forecast and most had planned for it, so there were no surprises for the majority of the paddock. We were set for another long-wet day but the racing would heat things up. Open Class Qualifying This session is always a very important part of any Neuadd farm race and this weekend it was no different. Jason Rowlands and Paul Severn seemed to have the early pace but four laps in Paul Rowlands jumped to the top of the stack and that’s where he stayed. Mark McCann was more calculated with his pace and made spaces to drive into, allowing him space on track to grab second in front of Paul Severn in third. Shaun Jenkinson the class leader was consistent and able [...]

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Neuadd Farm BYC RD4

2018-09-19T14:37:25+01:00September 19th, 2018|All News|

Last weekend saw a return to a real fan favourite track, as the Championship rolled into Neuadd Farm. This was going to be a busy weekend with Youth racing on the Saturday and the seniors Sunday with the threat of rain looming. The track was in good condition and everything in the build-up went exactly to plan, however the weather looked ominous for Sunday and unfortunately, we looked destined for another wet days racing. We just can’t seem to buy any luck with weather. What could we do? It was race time! Qualifying There were two exciting factors in this session, how fast could Lewis Scotney go, and how quickly could Mark Pristwood take to off road racing after a move from Karting. Lewis set out early posting a time that some seniors couldn’t match. Pole for Lewis and the rest for everyone else to fight over. Mark Pristwood confirmed his potential and was able to beat the more experienced racers to second spot. Rio Longdon grabbed third just seven tenths off second spot followed in by Kiean Wiegold. Fred Tarrant was next home followed in by Jacob [...]

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Bromyard MX – BSCC RD4

2018-08-17T08:59:54+01:00August 17th, 2018|All News|

Last weekend saw SXS Racing arrive at a new venue, Bromyard MX, for round 4 of the Polaris British Short Circuit Championship. The track prep went well but yet again the weather hung over us as heavy rain as forecast later in the week. The track came together nicely, we had done everything we could to make the event happen, it was over to the weather. Come race day we had been on the receiving end of about 12hrs of rain and the track was really touch and go. The decision was made to delay the start in the hope of a break in the weather and luckily this worked nicely. Once the rain had broken the cars were sent out onto track to strip the loose off the top and see if the track was raceable underneath, again luckily this was a good call and a good racing surface was unearthed. Time was now against us but we were go for racing. Open Class Qualifying The first session of the day saw a return of the big power turbos. Paul Severn threw down an early marker that [...]

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes! – BEC RD3

2018-08-01T14:45:52+01:00August 1st, 2018|All News|

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks for the Championship in a long time. The loss of a venue at short notice and the extremely hot weather meant the team were up against it in a big way. Round 3 of the British Enduro Championship was looking more like it wouldn’t run even as late as the Thursday but a wave of positivity from members and staff seen us going for it. The concerns were real, would people travel that far north?  Even with the amazing equipment supplied by Craig Robinson, could we control the dust? Everything we could have done to control both factors we did. The course layout fast and wide and there was enough water to saturate the venue, we were on! The build went well! the course very quickly took shape and everyone agreed that it would be something different and could be very popular amongst drivers. Building a course from scratch is very difficult but it allows the opportunity for creativity and the application of lessons learned from other venues. Judging by the feedback already it appears we nailed it and the [...]

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2018-08-17T08:58:43+01:00June 13th, 2018|All News|

Last weekend saw the SXS train pull into Kirton Off Road Centre for Rounds 2 of the British Enduro Championship and British Youth Championship. Everyone knew this would be a challenging event for both driver and machine. The intention was always to build a big lap and a strong but compact circuit for our youth racers. The youth track was easy, using a compressed version of the MX Track to create some fierce racing. That said the big track was going to be a huge challenge and some long hours were definitely on the cards for the track team.  Some kind weather and a good team soon put that right. Racing was a GO! Youth 570s Qualifying This session was always going to be about trying to bridge the gap to the flying Lewis Scotney, the others had a good go but he was not for being caught. Throwing down fast laps from the outset Lewis got faster lap after lap, and secured pole for race one. Rio Longdon chased hard but was only able to take second spot, visible improvement from Rio on every lap as he [...]

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